Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3

Day 3: Last day of vacation so it's back to work tomorrow. Granted, I jobshare right now so I'm only working 20 hours right now....but after vacation I always have a TON of emails to go through. Back to the grind, right?

My Living Positively Action (LPA) today was Operation Toy Binging and Purging! A.K.A. going through my oldest son's toys and determining which ones he no longer plays with that would still be good, and safe, for my youngest son and anything unwanted and in good condition (some brand new and never opened) wound up in a laundry hamper to be donated.

I found that take in toy donations. I still need to call them to make an appointment to drop off the goodies. That's a call I will make tomorrow. I think they only take them Tues - Saturday anyway. I was a foster baby once. I was adopted at 3 months so this is a good choice for me.

My Winter Outerwear is ready to go from Day 1. I will drop that off at the Preschool tomorrow.
Both boys are enrolled there now. Daddy Daycare is officially closed so my husband gets to buckle down and find a job with a paycheck!! I'm so excited for my 11 month old. He is going to love it there! (I'm not going to like going through the illnesses every other week again, though...ugh).

Wonder what Day 4 will bring....hmmmm...

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