Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5: Farmers Market Baskets

Day 5: This is pretty cool. I received an email yesterday in which was mentioned Farmers Market Baskets - a way to order fresh fruits and vegetables by the basket weekly from the farmers market but without having to trek to it! They will come to you! This is obviously local near to where I live and I have to go pick it up but the nearest farmers market is not close by. (Chris, I still want to go to the Dekalb Farmers Market with you sometime soon!)

So, I ordered one on a trial basis. I thought this was a great way to Live Positively for my family! A great way to get seasonal fruits and veggies at good prices and I will have a chance to have some new cooking discoveries! I wonder what I will get in my basket? I pick my first one up next Tuesday.

Toys get dropped off tomorrow!


  1. Let's go this weekend...or tell me when you're off during the week. :) We are so there!

  2. We participated in a coop organic farm last summer and through the late fall. The 'baskets' (using that term loosely since they were large red bins) were full of herbs, fresh veggies, eggs (from time to time), fresh bread...and they wrapped up the season by giving us a bottle of wine and a holiday hand-tied wreath (that is actually still alive and hanging on our front door). It felt great to support a local organic farm and it was cool to try some vegetables that we had never heard of or were afraid to try before they showed up in our 'baskets!'