Friday, January 15, 2010


The Earthquake in Haiti has been nothing short of tragic and heartwrenching. Talk about when things go from bad to worse. It was tragic enough for a country in 2010 to be so poor and unprepared for such a disaster. As of today, they're estimating between 50 - 100K people who have perished.

I am often at a loss when things like this happen. I felt very much the same way when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf. I wanted to do something right then and there for people. I do not have the luxury to pick up and go help, nor would I have any skills needed in such emergency situations, but I still want to be a part of the efforts. I am so thankful that the wonderful company that I work for donated $1 Million for relief and they're coordinating with bottlers to supply water to Haiti.

I did participate in the texting donations to the Red Cross. Ten dollars will be added to my phone bill. While that is hardly a dent, I was part of over 6 Million dollars donated by Americans via texts.

I plan to give blood to the Red Cross also. I am O+ so I am a universal donor.

If anyone else has any good ideas for fundraisers and/or relief efforts (sending supplies) I'd love to hear them.

Please keep the Haitians in your prayers.
And, please do what you can.

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