Friday, January 1, 2010

New Post for a New Year

2010: A New Year

This will be my year (365 Days) of Living Positively. My goal is to do something every day of the year to add value to the lives of others and to myself and my family. I'm taking the idea from a program at work called I Live Positively in which we try to make a difference in our lives and in our communities. This could be as simple as a smile for a stranger all the way up to something bigger and better that maybe I can't even imagine yet! No guarantees this will go as planned but this is the year to find out!

I'm not a writer and I'm horrible at grammar so please have patience. I have ideas but never know ways to put them to good use. And, I've never done this before, so this should be interesting!

I love the idea of Paying It Forward. This is along that train of thought.

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